This Holiday Season, Give With Love And Purpose

Share the experience of well-being with your friends and loved ones with the purchase of a gift card

Pause Float Studio holiday season

Or pair a 60-minute float and/or sweat session with a pause intention package below - the ultimate gift with purpose


soothe and calm your nervous system with neakita's FREEDOM tea and a relaxing crystal set that includes amethyst, blue lace agate and blue calcite


revitalize and uplift your soul and spirit with neakita's STRENGTH tea and a healing crystal set that includes fuchsite, clear quartz and bloodstone


promote healthy liver and kidney function with neakita's PURITY tea and detoxifying crystals selenite, black tourmaline and smoky quartz


embrace your femininity with neakita's GRACE tea and a curated crystal set that includes opal aura quartz, rose quartz and angelite


If you would like us to send an email to the recipient or if you'd like to pick up a gift card, please let us know.