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Welcome to the art of floating, a revolution in stress-reduction and regeneration, a contemporary practice where you tune out the chaotic external world – and tune into your innermost consciousness.  For an hour at a time, immerse into one of our private, soundproof flotation suites and float in our custom-blend of buoyant Epsom salts, allowing you to lie back and tune out, unplugging from every sound, care and worry.

As the lights and noise of a hectic day start blissfully fading away, you begin to cultivate the deepest calmness; and your body, skin and internal organs start the process of deep detoxification. You won’t notice a thing as your breath, heart rate and brain waves begin to slow and drift off into a womb-like state.  Pause and begin a journey of self-discovery and experience a natural euphoria that will forever change your life.

pause and let it all float away

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