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a one-of-a-kind meditation program combining the transformative benefits of guided meditation with the healing power of flotation therapy.


not a game changer, a life changer.



The awareness of the powerful benefits of mindfulness and meditation are on the rise. This ancient modality has been used for centuries to elevate consciousness, align the body and mind, and promote whole body transformation. Meditation has the ability to help mitigate stress in the moment, reduce overall pain and anxiety, improve learning, memory, and emotional regulation, increase the brain’s grey matter, boost immune function and so much more.


Evenflow takes it a step further, by incorporating key psychological insights into these meditations, curated by a team of expert psychotherapists, psychologists, educators and meditation teachers to help individuals dive more deeply into their behaviors, make more conscious choices, and apply mindfulness to the stressful areas of life.



Flotation therapy allows the entire being to regenerate, recharge, relax, and recover.  From stress reduction, improved sleep, enhanced visualization, right and left brain synchronicity, to relieving pain & anxiety, releasing endorphins, lowering inflammation, boosting energy, and increasing the body’s ability to heal, the benefits are abundant.



Combine these two modalities and the possibilities are limitless. A truly curated experience designed for you.  Unplug, let go, and dive deep into this journey of whole body healing, mindfulness and expansion.

We are opening with specific guided meditations designed by Evenflow’s expert teachers Jennifer Waldburger, Jason Thomas and Ian Hoge. When you arrive to pause, simply select a meditation that supports your intention and amplify your float experience.


Click to sample:   

stress sleep  Lack of sleep and an abundance of stress are two of life’s greatest aliments today. We are a society of too much. This meditation is designed to give you back you power and your energy to live a full and vibrant life.

breath I  Breath is life. Without it we don’t exist. As one of the most accessible tools we have it is greatly underutilized. Increase your breath, expand your life. It’s as simple as that.

breath II  More breath. More expansion. More opportunity. Breathe life in.

pregnancy  Elevate one of the most powerful times in your life for you and your baby. Float into a truly mindful experience for two.

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Evenflow is a mindfulness app combining meditation with therapeutic insights.

Meet life’s complexity with clarity, calm and balance.  Meditate now