Welcome to Floating the Modern Way to Decompress and Regenerate


Flotation therapy is the practice of entering an enclosed tub or sensory deprivation tank and becoming buoyant, while partially submerged in 10 inches of clean, body-temperature water, custom-blended with 1,000 pounds of therapeutic epsom salts.


As you lay back, you float weightlessly, buoyed by the salts.

As you lay back, you float weightlessly, buoyed by the salts. The body-temperature water relaxes your sense of touch. The lights and sounds fade. Your heartbeat and breathing slow, your body unwinds, your mind opens. Flotation therapy is relaxation through science. Eliminating your sensory overload allows your brain to drift into the half-awake, half-dreaming Theta state, where meditation and creativity flourish. Levels of the stress hormone Cortisol drop, while the feel-good dopamine hormone rises.

Once your mind is at rest, your body can focus on healing itself.  As you counteract the harsh effects of gravity, your muscles and connective tissues begin to unwind and unkink. Joints are supported and relax, and your lower back begins to decompress and align.  You emerge sixty minutes later, relaxed and reenergized. You feel lighter, brighter, sharper – a body and spirit high that lasts for days.

Destination for Holistic Healing


Pause delivers a complete healing experience.  Pause features an array of programs and amenities that enhance the float experience - making it more comfortable, more accessible, more powerful.  


Calm Your Body and Soul


Every detail is designed to calm your body and soul. Natural, sustainable wood walls replicate the gentle flow of water. A pleasing cup of organic tea helps put you in the right mood. Each step you take towards your magical flotation tank brings peace that much closer. You will be utterly transported.




As soon as you walk through the doors, your total relaxation experience begins.  From our knowledgeable staff to our pristine, thoughtfully designed facility, you will feel welcomed, understood and in good company within a community of yoga teachers, athletes, healers, businesspeople and community leaders.

Pause and Let It All Float Away

Step into your private, soundproof room, equipped with either a state-of-the-art pod or an open pool. There, you’ll find a private shower, GMO-free bath products and Egyptian cotton towels. As you enter the water, our special blend of Epsom and imported Dead Sea salts cradles you. You lay back. Let go. And let the lights and sounds slowly fade away as you float off into some wonderful next-level bliss.

Float Pods & Suites

Four rooms with enclosed float pods and one suite featuring an open float room. Manufactured by Superior Float Tanks, the industry leader show clients include the NFL, the NBA and the US Navy Seals, the float pods and suite are equipped to provide ambient light, music and our custom suite of Pause guided meditations.


Clean Water

The water is far cleaner then any swimming pool you’ve taken a dip in. We use Micron Filtration, Ultra Violet Rays, and Ozone Generators to keep the water at it’s cleanest. And don’t forget Epsom salts are a natural disinfectant and are present in a super loaded amount.


Guided Meditation

Pause has partnered with Evenflow to create a one-of-a-kind meditation program combining the transformative benefits of guided meditation with the healing power of flotation therapy.  Evenflow is a mindfulness app combining meditation with therapeutic insights.  More at    

Private Fully Appointed Rooms

Each clean, private room features a shower fully appointed with paraben free, non-GMO bath products, soft Egyptian cotton bath and face towels, along with earplugs, contact lens solution and all of the other float supplies.  We provide everything you need. And, if you are heading out post-float, we have a fully appointed grooming station.

Pause Lounge

Whether you want to sit in silence and reflect, read one of the books in our Pause library, or journal to capture profound new thoughts or creative ideas, we invite you to stay and relax for as long as you’d like before you re-acclimate to the “real world’.

Healthy Juices & Teas

As you emerge from your session with a clean mind and a rejuvenated body, replenish with a cold- pressed juice from Renew Juicery or relaxing organic Rishi tea.