this gets a bit scientific, but we want you to know that our water is far cleaner then any swimming pool you’ve ever taken a dip in. 



The purification system on our float tanks/suite are the most advanced available.   After each float, the water is recirculated at 48gpm, which achieves three complete turnovers of the water within the pod/suite.  The filtration system is able to filter particles from the water to 1 micron in size and are FDA compliant for drinking water (Class 1 Filtration). By comparison, standard pool and spa filter cartridges filter to 20-30 microns.



Ozone, or O3 is comprised of 3 oxygen atoms. It is unstable, thus releasing one of its atoms—which becomes a free radical (an atom with unpaired electrons, which seeks something to bond with). Anything unwanted in the water which this extra oxygen atom comes into contact with is quickly oxidized, and thus purified!  

It has been found that ozone is 50 times more powerful then chlorine, while also killing bacteria 3,000 times faster. Ozone eliminates bacteria, mold and yeast, as well as organic material and viruses. 

Ozone treatment requires no additional chemicals, leaves no odor, and reverts to pure oxygen once oxidation is completed, leaving no trace of it’s presence. 



The sun has an amazing ability to elevate our moods, provide the essential vitabmin b 12, andwhen haranassed correcty, the power of its ultraviolet rays are no exception. Many of earth’s inhabitants, such as us, have an outer covering (skin) which allows us to tolerate a certain amount of the sun’s power; bacteria, viruses and molds, on the other hand, have a very low tolerance for ultraviolet rays. 

UV works to purify by damaging cellular DNA—when anything undesirable in the pod meets these purifying rays, they are killed. UV treatment protects against viruses, molds and bacterias.  



Another mode of disinfection is inherent in our float pods/suite in that the concentration of the salt water solution is approximately 25% salt.  Salt is an extemerly hostile environment for any living organism.  It has been shown in scientific literature that pathogenic microorganism cannot survive in concentrations higher than 10% salt.  The types of organisms responsible for waterborne illnesses in humans cannot survive in the highsalt concentration solutions present in our float pods/suite